More than 400 million brands and people use Instagram Stories to share something from their private life with their fans. The feature was initiated in 2016; it was an immediate source for the users to get maximum Instagram story views and has assisted Instagram in overtaking its hipper and younger competition incorporated by likes of Vine and Snapchat.

There is no alphabetical order in the names of the story viewers for the Instagram story views, and it makes the users ponder about the standard that will locate the viewer ranking order.

Algorithm of Instagram

According to the engineers on Instagram, the secretive algorithm is responsible for the sequence in which the story is displayed.  When this algorithm is applied to the Instagram feed, it will select the posts that it ponders you will love the most and keeps the same thing at the top of your stories. Similarly, if you are using the stories as a viewer, the algorithm will personalize the order according to the accounts that you are going to follow. Instagram has kept the working of this phenomenon private, and it is regulated by the timeliness of the content, along with the activity, relationships, and interests of users on Instagram.  The algorithm receives all the information related to Instagram story views through a highly developed machine learning technology. The engineers on Instagram stated that it could look at your comments, likes as well as visits on the profile.  It will give an understanding of how the ranking of the story viewers performs.

Is Instagram Exposing Your Cyberstalker?

Some of the Quora and Reddit posters recommended that others’ interaction can locate the viewers ranking order of your Instagram’s story with you with the help of your profile (not your interaction with others). The people who come to visit your profile appear on the top of the list as compared to the people whom you visit the most.

One of the two posters initiated an experiment to check if it was true or not. For this purpose, he saw the Instagram profile of his friend multiple times in a day. During that time, he requested his friend that he did not visit his profile even a single time. None of them commented or liked on the content of the other ones. After 15 days, the posters looked at the story of his friend, and it confirmed his intuitions.

Suddenly, the posters were going to be seen at the top in the story viewers list of his friend even his friend had no interaction with him, and he did not visit his profile for 15 days.

It was clear that when you visited the profile of someone many time a day for 15 days did not do anything to rank high on the people’ list who saw your stories.

Here is a simple conclusion, the individuals who view your profile most of the time will be at the top of the viewer’s list for Instagram story views. In the stat of users, these individuals often outranked those people they talk with the most by some places who provoked them for the classification of these users as cyberstalkers.