Due to the immensely growing interest of people in TikTok, Facebook has recently decided to launch a similar video editing app. They called this app Instagram Reels that allows the people to make their funny video clips of short duration. People can then easily share these funny or creative video clips with their friends and family for amusement purposes. These interactive video clips of a few seconds include music background sound to add more humor to the video. Just like TikTok, which is very famous around the globe, Instagram reels have similar functionality and an easy-to-use interface for greater user experience.

Launching of Instagram Reels

Facebook has already launched this app in some countries to see how this app works. This testing phase of Instagram Reels is on the peak in Brazil, India, France, and Germany. Everyone is hugely curious to get and use this app to make their fun videos.  However, there are many other countries where the launching process of this app is still under consideration. Within a few weeks, this app would become a great hit all over the world. There are chances that the amazing features of this app may make the people switch from the TikTok app and move to it for making videos.

It is surprising to see the warmest welcome of this app in the countries where it is launched. People are not only using it with creativity for making their fantastic and heart-touching short clips but also enjoying using it. Many of them say that they have developed the addiction to use Instagram Reels due to the fun it offers to them. In contrast, many people from other countries where this app is not launched so far are also curious to try it. Many of them reported that they are eagerly waiting for this app to be launched in their countries so that they can use and enjoy it.

A deeper look into Instagram Reels

A fantastic feature of Instagram Reels is that it comes with a great variety of video editing options that anyone can use to create the best video. Not only the video, but there are hundreds of options to add the audio of one’s choice into a short video clip. The best thing is that a person can also choose to record his voice instead of adding any other music to his video clip. Several other outstanding options include a timer, video effects, slow motion feature, and much more.

Once a person is done with making the Instagram reels a short video clip, he can share it on his Instagram news feed as a story. Just like people share different stories on Instagram, and others can view, like, comment, and share it, one can do the same with the Instagram reels. When someone shares his short video clip as a story on Instagram, his followers can view it, comment, or share it. Similarly, just like a regular Instagram story disappears after 24 hours, the reels also disappear after 24 hours. If you make and share the reel as a story, it won’t appear in your profile but only appear as a temporary story feed.

If someone has a private account, then only his followers can view his reels. However, if someone owns a public Instagram accounts, then his reels or short video clips would appear in the Explore section, and anyone else forms the general public can view and share it.

TikTok versus Instagram Reels

There are concerns that the United States government is going to ban the TikTok in the overall region due to various security issues. According to some current news, the TikTok’s inability to protect the user data files has made it go into trouble. As people heavily depend on it for making videos, the launching of Instagram Reels has made them shift to this new and outstanding video editing app. Due to such issues, the future of TikTok is highly questionable, as it may have to see the downfall. Overall, the Navy has already restricted and banned its people from downloading and using the TikTok in their mobile phones. In the presence of all of these issues, it is not wrong to say that TikTok and Instagram reels are the two rival social networks. The competition between both of them is very high, but it can be seen the launch of Instagram Reels would defeat TikTok very soon in the upcoming year.Buyinstastoryviews